Toscana Pizzeria Tapas Enoteca is owned by Chef Michele Mancuso and partners.  Chef Mancuso is a long-time resident of the Santa Ynez Valley, originally from Italy.  He studied Culinary Arts in Firenze, in the center of Toscana—the inspiration behind the name.

Need help understanding our menu?  Why is everything in Italian?

We are an Italian Pizzeria.  Our mission is to serve authentic Italian flavors.  We want your visit to be not just a meal, but an Italian experience.  Our food is Italian.  Our chef is Italian, with an intoxicating Italian accent!  With that, it seems fitting to remain authentic in our food names.  No pretense or snobbery intended.  Don’t be shy if anything is unfamiliar…just ask anyone of us…we are delighted to explain!