Ribbon Cutting!

 It’s official!  We had our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting on Friday, February 24.  So good to have the support of our fellow Solvang businesses.  

Come visit and enjoy a little bit of Italy!  

And as always, we welcome your feedback.

Buon appetito! 


Toscana Pizzeria Tapas Enoteca is owned by Chef Michele Mancuso and partners.  Chef Mancuso is a long-time resident of the Santa Ynez Valley, originally from Italy.  He studied Culinary Arts in Firenze, in the center of Toscana—the inspiration behind the name.

Need help understanding our menu?  Why is everything in Italian?

We are an Italian Pizzeria.  Our mission is to serve authentic Italian flavors.  We want your visit to be not just a meal, but an Italian experience.  Our food is Italian.  Our chef is Italian, with an intoxicating Italian accent!  With that, it seems fitting to remain authentic in our food names.  No pretense or snobbery intended.  Don’t be shy if anything is unfamiliar…just ask anyone of us…we are delighted to explain!





Pizze made in our pizzeria range from the classic Margherita, scallops and pesto, porcini mushrooms, to black and white truffles.


Tapas are small seasonal plates that get their name from a Spanish tradition of placing bread over the top of a glass of wine to keep the flies out.  They have evolved over the years and across cultures to be simply “little dishes” of regional specialties.


Enoteca is Italian for Wine Bar.  We offer a wide variety of both local and Italian wines.  Want something other than wine?  We also make Bellini, a refreshing combination of Prosecco, Italian sparkling wine similar to champagne, and seasonal fruit juices.  For our beer lovers, we have Moretti beer on tap.



Margherita (tomato mozzarella & basil)  17 

Boscaiola (tomato mozzarella mushroom sausage truffle oil)  23 

Calabrese (tomato mozzarella hot calabrian salami)  21

Quattro stagioni (tomato mozzarella artichoke sausage mushroom arugula)  23

Parma (tomato mozzarella prosciutto arugula)  21

Capricciosa (tomato mozzarella porchetta artichoke capers)  21 

Tricolore (tomato mozzarella fresh tomato basil) 21

Salsiccia (tomato mozzarella mild Italian sausage)  21

SY Farmer girl (tomato mozzarella & local seasonal veggies)  21 

Genovese (basil pesto mozzarella mushroom)  21 

Toscana (tomato mozzarella porchetta arugula & truffle oil)  21

Tropea (tomato mozzarella red onion)  19

Pizzone 18” (any pizza)  40



We also offer PANINI:

Each panino is served on freshly baked focaccia bread,
olive oil, salt and pepper
with a green salad, lemon & olive oil dressing.

(fresh buffalo mozzarella fresh tomato slices & basil)  15

(meatballs mozzarella marinara parmigiano)  18

(prosciutto fresh buffalo mozzarella arugula)  15 

(porchetta mozzarella arugula & truffle oil)  18

Cinque Terre
(roasted veggies basil pesto)  15

(fresh tomato red onion parmigiano)  15






Vino Bianco

Vermentino Costamolino  40/12
Vermintino Toscana House  45/13
Il Bianco Section Wines  40
Critone Librandi  40/12
Sauvignon Blanc Brander  40/13
Chardonnay Toscana House  40/12
Grillo Colosi  40
Pinot Grigio Di Bruno  40/11
Pinot Grigio Villa Alena  30/8
Soave Pieropan  40 
Prosecco Bortolomiol 3/B 
Champagne Laurent-Perrier  Full bottle 80/½ bottle 40
Grenache Rose’ Kita’  40/13
Rose’ Grenache Gris Curran  45/13
Il Rose di Casanova LaSpinetta  50/15
Rose’ Toscana House  40/13
Rose’ Sparkling Toccata  40/12

Vino Rosso – Imported

Chianti Ponte Vecchio  35/10
Chianti Classico Nozzole  50
Chianti Classico Croce  60
Dolcetto Pecchenino  45
SuperTuscan Maremma
Toscana Blend Ricasoli  40
Nero d’avola Prodigo  35/10
Bonarda Emma Zuccardi  50
Monica Pala  40
Barrua Sardegna  70
Bolgheri Villa Donoratico  80
Montepulciano Vignetti del Sole  35/10
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Masciarelli  40/10
Barbera d’Asti Michele Chiarlo  40
Tempranillo Museum  60
Baby Amarone Gran Passione  50/14
Amarone Speri 2013  150
Rosso di Montalcino  50
Passito Colosi  30
Brunello Di Montalcino Argiano  100
Barolo Paolo Scavino  120

Vino Rosso – Domestic

SuperTuscan Toscana House  60/16
Super Tuscan il Buttero Section Wines  60
Blend The Immigrant  50/15
Tre Vini Rancho Sisquoc  45
GSM Hahn  40
Sangiovese Bradley  45
Sangiovese Toscana House  40/13
Cabernet Sauvignon Austin Hope  80
Cabernet Sauvignon Ground Effect S.Y.  50/13
Cabernet Syrah Branzino  50/15
Barbera Toscana House  40/13
Grenache Kaena  40
Syrah Toscana House
Syrah Falcone  50/15
Syrah gli Angeli Stolpman  60/16
Pinot Noir Brick Barn  50
Pinot Noir Toscana House  45/13


Stella Artois  7
Mind Haze  7
805 Firestone  7
Menabrea bionda  7

Water & Soda

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 1 liter  6
Acqua Panna Natural Water ½ liter  4

San Pellegrino Soda  (Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa or Limonata)  4
Iced Tea  
(Sweet Leaf Lemonade or Harney & Sons Organic Black)  4



Housemade Tiramisu’  10/ To Go  12 

Gelato  10
(Hazelnut, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate Chip
or Chocolate)

(Hazelnut gelato “drowned” in double shot espresso)  10 

Sorbetto  10
(Coconut, Lemon or Peach)

Vin Santo  50/12
Vin Santo con biscotti  13

Espresso single shot  4
Espresso double shot  5
Macchiato  5
Cappuccino  5
Caffe’ Latte  5

Insalata & Tapas & Secondi


Arugula e Parmigiano (arugula parmigiano olive oil lemon dressing)  14 

Caprese (fresh tomato mozzarella basil olive oil balsamic dressing)  17

Insalata di Mare (arugula cuttlefish squid octopus shrimp olive bell pepper
olive oil lemon dressing)  21 

Bruschetta (fresh baked flatbread tomato basil garlic oregano olive oil)  17 

Rollino Toscana (rolled pizza with mushroom mozzarella arugula
fresh tomato & truffle oil)  23 

Antipasto Toscana (mixed salami cheese & olives from Tuscany)  26 

Melanzane alla Parmigiana (eggplant baked with mozzarella marinara sauce
& parmigiano)  17 

Polpette al Sugo (meatballs mozzarella marinara sauce & parmigiano)  17

Lasagna Toscana (classic meat sauce)  21 

Carpaccio di Manzo (beef carpaccio arugula capers red onion
olive oil lemon dressing)  21 

Carpaccio di Salmone (smoked salmon arugula capers red onion
lemon olive oil dressing)  21

Fresh Focaccia Bread  6


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Located downstairs, along the fountain, in Frederik’s Court, on the corner of Mission Drive and Alisal Road in charming downtown Solvang.
485 Alisal Road, Suite 163
Solvang, CA 93463


Lunch Tues-Sun 11:30am-2:00pm
Dinner  Tues-Thur  5pm-9pm
Fri-Sat  5pm-10pm
Sun  5pm-9pm

Closed Monday